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About orange+lime

Cooperation leads to a cross-over of ideas. Ideas of a higher quality - in turn resulting in better decisions. Decisions about what markets to enter. About how you distinguish yourself from the rest. About your strong points and where to improve. About new business opportunities waiting to be seized - and the proper means to do so.

Important problems to which the answers will help you to serve your customers even better. What in turn contributes immediately to your and your organization's success.

orange+lime regards it as its mission to facilitate and expedite both the selling of software as well as the selection and purchasing of software by means of crystal clear positioning statements, by partnering with the best business alliances and by creating razor sharp requirements analyses.

What benefits does orange+lime bring you?

orange+lime is the expert is software marketing and software selection. Consider us to be your software broker. The go-in-between who takes care of bringing demand and supply together. Resulting in both happy vendors and customers. Since it's a small world after all. And today's vendor can be your best customer by tomorrow.

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