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Only the results count. Therefor we're pleased to show what our customers say about those.

“Being an entrepreneur, I'm constantly identifying and qualifying new opportunities in the market.
Orange+lime marketing helped me tremendously by making a thorough analysis of the BPM market in a very short time. The process management domain expertise brought in by orange+lime was very valuable and useful to me.
Based on their analysis, I have already made the next steps in founding a new BPM practice.”
Jan Willemsen, entrepreneur and start-up accelerator
"Orange+lime marketing has been responsible for defining and executing upon XebiaLabs’ successful marketing strategy, both for Europe and the US. During the start-up and expansion phase, they strongly contributed to the awareness of XebiaLabs by writing papers and blogs and implementing our global PR program.
Orange+lime marketing also well-executed upon our online lead generation programs. With their goal-driven approach and deep understanding of both IT technology, commerce and marketing, I can definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades who can combine business vision with marketing execution!
Coert Baart, CEO XebiaLabs
"Orange+lime marketing very much helped us to position our software product called OnStage. I truly value the fact that we could share ideas and brainstorm about this.
Furthermore, orange+lime marketing made a very good translation of the positioning statement into a brand-new website and a sales brochure."
Paul Schreuder, CEO Xebic
"Orange+lime marketing executed a strategic marketing analysis for Compano. The central question was how Compano as software producer could better support their partners with various marketing activities, resulting in a stronger market position.
I'm very content with the quality and depth of this analysis. I also value the pragmatic and usable recommendations that orange+lime marketing made.
Based on this report, Compano can now make a significant step forwards!“
Ria Stroes, CEO Compano
“Human Inference asked orange+lime marketing to actively contribute to a new business case. This business case was intended to explore and thoroughly analyze new strategic opportunities in the data quality market.
With their broad IT expertise ánd the unbiased view of an outsider to our company, orange+lime marketing played an important role in realizing a solid business case. Based on this business case, Human Inference decided to change its strategic directions.”
Vincent van Hunnik, CMO Human Inference
"Even when your business is growing very fast, it is usefull to know how you are being perceived in the market place. Orange+lime marketing therefor did a market analysis for us, in which they also looked at our two main competitors.
The results of this market research were very valuable: a transparant and objective report on how the education market thinks of us, based on input from various stakeholders. The knowledge about the education market present at orange+lime marketing was also a big added-value.
Therefor, I can definitely recommend them to you!"
Martin de Goffau, CEO Topicus Onderwijs and ParnasSys
Universiteit Utrecht “University of Utrecht and the Dutch trade association ICT-Office asked orange+lime marketing to set up a knowledge exchange forum around the topic (product) marketing, specifically aimed at software companies. Thanks to the great efforts and the enthusiastic chairmanship of orange+lime marketing a knowledge network has been created in which over 40 different companies actively take part. This knowledge network enables software companies to share best practices about marketing strategy, product positioning, using social media and other product marketing aspects.”
Sjaak Brinkkemper, professor Product Software, University of Utrecht
"Orange+lime marketing produced the contents for the 10-year anniversary book for SYSQA. We especially value in orange+lime marketing their pragmatic, no-nonsense attitude and high level of flexibility. Orange+lime marketing accepted full responsibility for this assignment and pro-actively came up with enhancement suggestions. This makes that you can trust and rely on eachother.
I very much appreciated the direct ways of communication and orange+lime's ability to quickly adapt to changes if needed.“
Jan Jaap Cannegieter, deputy-CEO SYSQA
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